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McNeill Labor Management, Inc Farmworker: Diversified in North Sherman Township, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Workers will perform assigned duties as instructed by their supervisor. Duties may vary from time to time. Workers will be trained in the proper field and shed sanitation. Workers must follow field sanitation requirements at all time. Not following these requirements are cause forDiscipline and/or Termination: Detassel: perform manual labor to detassel seed corn by walking through corn fields, reaching to pull off the tassel of the corn plant and throwing it to the ground by hand. Bend down to remove rogue plants, weeds, and volunteer corn plants from seed corn production fields, as instructed by supervisor. Long-sleeve shirts and long pants are recommended to minimize contact with the plants and thereby reducing the exposure to cuts and scrapes caused by the corn plants. Perform prolonged bending, reaching, and walking over uneven ground in either dusty or muddy conditions. Work is outside in extremely wet, humid, hot, and dirty conditions.