AT&T | Spring Mobile Part Time Retail Sales Consultant - Req-67698 in Mundelein, Illinois

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The Spring Mobile Part-time PT Entertainment Consultant is required to diligently execute all duties described below. The Part-time Entertainment Consultant's primary role is to be the top sales performer in the store. The Part-time Entertainment Consultant position is an important role in the company, and requires the execution of the "Extraordinary Sales Experience", 5 Key Behaviors, Sales High 5 Metrics, and Company Mission and Values. Working with general supervision, the Part-time Entertainment Consultant helps to oversee the delivery of consistently outstanding customer service experiences based upon Spring Mobile's competitive advantages within the wireless mobile industry: simplicity, convenience, and exceptional service during and following every sale. The Spring Mobile Part-time Entertainment Consultant's passion for the benefits of the Spring Mobile brand is expressed in many ways: ensuring products and services are easy to see, understand and to buy; demonstrating a sincere interest in every customer's unique needs by asking open -ended questions; offering relevant product and service recommendations, providing a clean, organized environment in which to shop; and providing every customer with the confidence needed to close the sales; and finally, developing other Advisor's capability in all of these areas. This role functions in a supervisory capacity in the Store Manager's absence. Part-time Entertainment Consultant will interact with a supervisor as frequently or infrequently as needed by either during each work period. Many non-routine activities may be undertaken without the Store Manager's prior approval.


+ Model the behaviors expected of all Spring Mobile associates including a drive for results with a clear bias for action; high levels of maturity and professionalism; giving, receiving and responding to feedback effectively; a high service orientation; and clear commitments to diversity, inclusion, a respectful workplace, and integrity

+ Manage relationships in a manner acceptable to others and to the organization

+ Model team commitment by meeting deadlines; and by being cooperative, collaborative, and flexible

+ Provide Store Manager with hiring recommendations although principal hiring responsibility is the Store Manager's.

+ Actively develop the capability of others on the store team through timely, behavior-based coaching and training.

+ Serve as a skilled "go to" person with customer service questions and issues that require escalation.

+ Open and close the store as needed during the Store Manager's absence.

+ Provide the Store Manager with consultative support on performance issues, which may include helping to prepare or deliver performance improvement discussions.

+ Assist with the administrative functions related to scheduling, including responding effectively to absenteeism

+ Greet customers when they arrive and reengage them on the sales floor as often as needed to ensure they feel uniquely welcome and valued.

+ Identify customer needs by asking probing questions, making suggestions, answering questions/objections, and then asking for sales.

+ Prioritize customers over tasks and demonstrate that commitment by circulating throughout the store, outside of the cash wrap area, to assist them.

+ Answer phone calls promptly, courteously and professionally.

+ Champion Spring Mobile's competitive advantages- simplicity, convenience, and post-sales support- to every customer.

Ensure customers have the wireless plan that works best for the way they plan will use it.

+ Respond to customer concerns quickly, effectively and courteously. Request management support as needed to ensure that every customer and recommends Spring Mobile to others.

+ Show professionalism and enthusiasm by working will with others- deliver great team results.

+ Recognize potential theft/loss situations and provide personal customer service to deter theft.

+ Assist in checking shipments for discrepancies/ shortages.

+ Dust and clean shelves, counters, fixtures, merchandise and store equipment. Organize backroom products and store supplies.

+ Demonstrate the behaviors expected of all Spring Mobile associates, including a strong bias for action and a drive for results; high levels of maturity and professionalism; a consistently high service orientation; and commitments to diversity, a respectful workplace, and integrity.

+ Manage relationships in a manner acceptable to others and to the organization. Sales and Customer Service Objectives:

+ 35- 40 hours per week

+ Update Rep Daily Sales Routine sheet daily

+ Review the RTG with every customer

+ Be engaged in company sales initiatives and programs

+ Manage Scorecard metrics by store