The Dump Loss Prevention Assistant Manager (565) in Deerfield, Illinois


Safety Inspections: On-site inspections are conducted weekly, including parking lots, building interiors and exteriors. Inspections are conducted with customer and employee safety in mind as well as to ensure compliance with all city, state, and federal (OSHA) law

Security: Responsible for the overall security of the store and employees by monitoring and developing awareness training programs. Supervises and trains Guards, LPA’s and LPS’s needed for these locations and control all paperwork flow. Will observe, control and monitor all overhead doors as needed as dictated by the business to ensure integrity of merchandise flow. Responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and updating all CCTV systems daily with monthly reporting to the Loss Prevention and Safety Manager, Ensures compliance and audits alarm system reports, key control logs and merchandise flow.


Inventory and Asset Control: Audits processes in receiving, transfers, delivery, customer pickup, cycle counting and sales to ensure compliance with the established policies and procedures. Monitors daily to ensure that all items entering or leaving the building are properly accounted


Risk Management: Collect, investigate, review and compile statistical data related to all workers’ compensation, general liability and/or business auto claims; attend all court proceedings related to claims

Personnel Issues: Conduct Criminal History Checks with guidance from the Loss Prevention Manager on applicants and administer drug test. Monitors compliance of the company policies and procedures

Provide on-going training to all personnel on proper security and safety procedures

Maintain a good working relationship with local law enforcement and fire departments

Effectively communicate with management to ensure they are kept informed on business impact issues

Understands and adheres to Company Policies as outlined in the Employee Handbook

Any other duties or responsibilities as assigned by the Loss Prevention Manager or Director