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Northwest Community Hospital Respiratory Care Practitioner -Respiratory Care in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Shift: Hourly, Evenings and Nights, Every other weekend

Reporting to the Manager of Respiratory Care, performs, teaches, and guides all forms of respiratory therapy, chest physical therapy, and cardiopulmonary diagnostics.

  1. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and treat all age groups of patients from neonatal to geriatric; implements assessment/treatment based on the developmental stages of the patient. Involves family/guardian in plan of care and conducts patient family education, as appropriate, considering the developmental needs of the patient.

  2. Administers all forms of respiratory therapy including medical gases, medication delivery via the airways, chest physical therapy, pressure breathing treatments, breathing retraining, aerosol and humidity therapy. Understands the equipment, indications, contraindications, hazards, and adverse reactions of each mode of therapy.

  3. Provides intensive respiratory care utilizing advanced techniques and specialized equipment; establishes and maintains an airway during CPR; performs external cardiac massage if necessary.

  4. Performs arterial punctures to obtain blood gas samples, blood gas analysis, and related calculations; performs blood gas lab quality control.

  5. Performs pulmonary function testing including spirometry, lung volume, and DLCO; performs related calculations, and quality control.

  6. Explains purpose and procedure of treatments, tests, and equipment to patient, family, and hospital personnel; develops and delivers home care instructions to patients.

  7. Participates in continuing education at all levels within the department.

  8. Performs patient assessment and evaluation of care; confers with nurses and physicians to optimize the care of the patient.

  9. Initiates and maintains the appropriate records in the patient chart and on respiratory care records.

  10. Provides guidance to Respiratory Therapy Techs as necessary.

  11. Cleans, repairs, and maintains respiratory therapy equipment; maintains appearance of the department.

  12. Performs selected duties of the Director in his/her absence, eg. distributes staff assignments, grants overtime as necessary, accepts sick and absentee calls from staff, authorizes equipment rental, and activates disaster plan in case of emergency.

  13. Adheres to all NCH hospital standards, policies and procedures.

Respiratory Care Practitioners assigned to Emergency Department perform the following duties in addition to the duties listed above:

  1. Performs various tests and procedures as assigned; draws venous Blood Samples on both adult and pediatric patients; performs EKG's and maintains equipment; initiates IV fluids on adult and pediatric patients; performs breath alcohol testing; collects drug screen urines per protocol.

  2. Supervises the administration of respiratory therapy treatments by nursing staff; acts as a consultant to nurses and physicians in matters involving management of patient airway; teaches proper procedure for performing and documenting nebulizer treatments.

  3. Supports the nursing team members by acting as an assistant with critical patients such as trauma patients, acute MI's, acute airway problems (i.e., vital signs T, BP, P, R), reassessments, etc.

  4. Assists nursing staff in facilitating patient flow by working as a team member. Maintains peer relationships that demonstrate support, collaboration, and goal directed interaction.

1.Graduateof an AMA approved school for respiratory therapy granting eligibility to take exams given by the National Board for Respiratory Care or Registered or Certified by the N.B.R.C.

  1. Current Illinois Respiratory Care Practitionerlicensurerequired.

  2. CurrentCPRcertification from Amercian Heart Assocaition.

  3. Advanced knowledge of acid-base balance, blood gas analysis and interpretation, and cardiopulmonary physiology.

  4. The ability to remain calm in emergency and high pressure situations.

  5. The interpersonal skills necessary to interact with patients, families, physicians, and hospital staff.

  6. The written and verbal skills necessary to instruct patients, families, and hospital staff on respiratory care procedures and to do appropriate documentation.

  7. Respiratory Care Practitioners assigned to the Emergency Department must demonstrate the ability to perform the associated competencies.


  1. Moderate physical effort. Requires continuous standing, walking, or bending. May require frequent lifting or moving of average weight material, or occasionally lifting or moving heavy weight material.

  2. The flow of work and character of duties involves normal mental and visual attention along with manual coordination.


  1. Conditions are acceptable. At least one disagreeable element or hazard, i.e. high pressure gases, is frequently present in the environment, while several disagreeable elements or hazards are occasionally present.

Job: *Professional/ Technical Clinical

Title: Respiratory Care Practitioner -Respiratory Care

Location: Illinois-Arlington Heights

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